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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Major N.Y. synagogue closes to fumigate for bedbugs | JTA #Jewish

Indian PM set to make historic first visit to #Israel | Times of Israel

Bnei Brak Municipality Fights Illegal Egg Sellers | Arutz Sheva #Israel #Jewish

A bitter battle for control of oldest synagogue in the US | AP #Jewish

Prime Minisiter Benjamin Netanyahu's Greetings to the Celebrate Israel 2015 Parade in New York:

Israelis take part in nationwide security and emergency drill | Ynet #Israel

Five Jews Arrested for Allegedly Attacking Arabs | Arutz Sheva #Jewish #Israel

Yeshiva Head Expelled from Temple Mount for Closing His Eyes | Arutz Sheva #Jewish #Israel

Israeli Killed Resisting Robbery in Brazil | Arutz Sheva #Israel

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MK and Police Discussing Making #Marijuana Legal | JewishPress #Israel

‘Mystery Rabbi’ Sues Rapper ‘Ice Cube’ for $2 Million for Assault | JewishPress #Jewish

Cannabis art classes cause confusion at Aspen #Jewish Community Center :-) | thecannabist #Chabad

Prison Service: Almost half of #Jewish teen detainees are of Ethiopian descent | Ynet #Israel

A Dozen Facts About #Jewish Illinois | Forward

10 top hikes in the Jerusalem area | Israel21c #Israel

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Watchdog says ex-Nazis got $20.2 million in Social Security | AP #Jewish #Holocaust

Israir introduces new summer destinations | Ynet #Israel

Tel Aviv kicks off 2015 Pride Month | Ynet #Israel

400 participate in SlutWalk in Jerusalem: 'No means no!' | Ynet

New Tourism Minister Pledges to Put Samaria on the Map | Arutz Sheva #Jewish #Israel

Tobacco costs #Israel 8,000 lives, NIS 12.8 billion annually | JPost

Home Front Command drill simulating multiple-front conflict set to begin on Sunday | JPost #Israel

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